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Intersolia offers guidance and practical help in most areas related to work environment and external environment in relation to chemicals.

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We offer training on-site or via the web in areas such as environmental law, risk management and the use of chemical processing systems.

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iChemistry is a complete system for businesses that process chemicals. The system is scalable, meaning that it is suitable for a multitude of applications.

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iChemistry SERVICE - Our most popular service 

​iChemistry SERVICE is our most popular service where you not only let us deliver our chemical management system iChemistry with attendant services but also allow us to take care of its administration and all other work input. Naturally you decide on the scope and the cost of the services you require. Read more »

Safety data sheets

If you use chemical products, we can establish contact with all of your chemical suppliers and ensure that you always have current and checked safety datasheets. If you're a manufacturer or importer, we can provide you with safety datasheets for all your products...Read more »


We can help with all aspects of REACH, from interpretation of the regulations for your business, to assistance with registration or design of chemical safety, safety reports. Read more »

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